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Changes to Water Accounts

The Digby Water Commission passed a motion at their February meeting which requires all new water accounts opened after April 1, 2021 to be opened in the property owner’s name. This means that water accounts will no longer be able to be opened in the tenant's or anyone else’s name other than the property owner after that date.

 This change will be applied on a go forward basis and in no way affects the current status of water accounts in any person’s name. Tenants with water accounts in good standing with the Digby Water Commission can keep the account in their name and no action is required on their part.

This in no way affects the property owner’s decision as to whether they pass on the bill to the tenant, who can make payments to the account, or to pay the bill themselves. However, if the property owner choses to pass on the bill to the tenant, responsibility to ensure the account is up to date still rests with the property owner.

If you require further clarification please contact the town office at 902-245-4769.