Town Notices

Low Income Property Tax Exemption

Are you eligible to receive the Low Income Property Tax Exemption?


An exemption from taxes for 2018/2019 be granted pursuant Section 69 of the Municipal Government Act in an amount not exceeding $300.00. The exemption be granted to every personal with respect to taxable property in the Town of Digby whose income from all sources in 2017 does not exceed $22,242. (Include income of all individuals residing in the household). The tax reduction is subject to the following conditions:

1. Legal title to the property resides with the taxpayer.
2. The property is the ratepayer’s principle place of residence.
3. The property tax account is not in arrears
4. An application form is submitted each year on or before May 31 for processing in the then current taxation year. (Exemptions are granted only on the current year. No retro-active exemption will be granted.)
5. The total combined income of the taxpayer and family members is below the income threshold for the applicable year.
6. Proof of income for the taxpayer and all family members residing in the same household is submitted with the application.

Application form and a copy of the tax exemption policy may be picked up at the Town Hall 147 First Avenue or downloaded here: Admin Policy #2018-04 Low Income Property Tax Exemption Policy.pdf

E. Tom Ossinger, CAO
Town of Digby