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Planning and Development

The Town of Digby is divided into zones, the boundaries of which are show on the map below.

The Town of Digby had boundaries that protect the wellfield area as show on the map below.

In 2012 the Town of Digby adopted the Municipal Planning Strategy the planning strategy sets forth Council's long term policies to guide all future development and use of land within the Town. This strategy is intended to be an enabling document and to provide Council and the community with a common vision for the Town's future. Recognizing that pressures, influences and underlying circumstances do change over time amendments to the policies are possible.

Building A House? Planning A Deck? Putting Up A Shed?

No person shall use any land or erect, alter or use any building or structure or otherwise undertake any development unless a Development Permit has been issued. The Town of Digby Development Officer Tom Ossinger can be reached at or 902-245-4769.

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